Choosing a Pressure Washer

How to Choose the correct RAMTEQ Pressure Washer:

Pressure washers are great tools for cleaning a wide variety of equipment, vehicles and surface areas such as decks or driveways. Not only are they many times more powerful than a garden hose, they use up to 80% less water. We hope the following guide provides you with answers to the right RAMTEQ pressure washer.

  • What are you planning to clean? Different situations call for different machines. The right machine for the job will make your job a lot easier, saving you time and money.
  • Cold or hot? Cold water washers are less expensive, but not as effective for cleaning extremely dirty or greasy situations.

  • How often will you use the machine? Buying the right machine designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use will increase your effectiveness. Buying an undersized unit and running it to death will void your warranty and cost you expensive downtime.

  • What power source makes the most sense? Gas-powered units are more portable but are noisier and produce carbon monoxide in lethal doses. As a rule, they should only be used outside. Electric washers are preferred for indoor or unventilated areas and are quieter. Diesel units are preferred in some situations by some people. 

  • What burner fuel makes the most sense? (hot water only) Diesel is readily available and is the standard in hot water units. Natural gas is a natural choice for facility installations. Liquid propane can be used in place of natural gas in locations without a gas line hookup.

  • Is time a factor? A heavy-duty washer cuts some cleaning times in half. More power generally equals less time.

  • What type of detergent (if any) will you use? The right detergent is paramount for effective cleaning. Additionally some chemicals can be used in a downstream injection only to prevent pump damage.

  • Portable or stationary? Stationary units require a degree of planning in regards to utility hookup, location, controls, etc. Portable unit user should ask themselves if they will be on hard floors or soft terrain such as grass.