Cleaning Issues

Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips:



Depending on what you’re cleaning, each application has its own specific procedure. Here are some general things to remember:

  • Always use the right nozzle. Using a nozzle that concentrates too much power can harm some surfaces, especially wood.
  • Use a chemical recommended by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers have detergents and waxes approved for use in their equipment. Different formulas are available for houses, decks, degreasing, and car washing/waxing.
  • Cleaning a house is best done from ground level, rather than on a ladder. Use accessories such as spray arm extensions and brushes for   this type of project.
  • Cleaning results vary based on:
    • Whether or not you use detergent.
    • How far you are from the surface being cleaned.
    • How high the water pressure is.
    • How wide you set the spray angle.
    • What the air temperature is.
    • Whether your using a hot or a cold water machine.